Helpful Links for Teachers

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1   Link   French for the Future
2   Link   Google Tranlsator - English to French
3   Link   Tex's French Grammar
4   Link   Useful Links for Everyone
5   Link   Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
6   Link   Momes Net
7   Link   ClicNet, Francophone cultural and literary site
8   Link   Radio Canada jeunesse: CBC for kids
9   Link   Stats Canada
10   Link   Environment Canada
11   Link   Bonjour Saskatchewan
12   Link   Foreign Language House
Sign up for the Foreign Language House newsletter for freebie and cheap teacher-made activities/handouts!
13   Link   PedagoNet
Nouvelle ressource scolaire pour votre considération
PedagoNet - Ressources d'apprentissage
14   Link   North East School Division
The North East School Division has nicely organized the curriculum, supporting documents and links all in one place.
15   Link   BonPatron (Grammar Checker and Grammar Resource for FSL Teachers and Learners)